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Where Do Carpet Beetles Come From

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Where Do Carpet Beetles Come From
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Carpet beetles are one of the most common pests that people have to deal with at home. Even though they might look harmless, they can cause serious damage to your carpet and fabrics by eating the fibers and leaving visible stains or holes. If you’re concerned about keeping them out of your home, follow this guide on how to prevent carpet beetles from entering your home, plus get tips on how to handle an infestation if you already have it.

where do carpet beetles come from

Carpet beetles are on a shortlist of insects that can wreak havoc on your belongings. Furniture, clothes, books, and other stored items that have been damaged by these tiny insects are also at risk of becoming further infested with other pests like silverfish and even fleas. Carpet beetle larvae are commonly found in dark places, so try not to leave infrequently used items in a storage area for long periods. Store items directly on shelves or use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. Check between cushions of couches and other upholstered furniture as well; any fabric is an attractive hiding place for immature carpet beetles.

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Signs you have carpet beetles

It is impossible to get rid of carpet beetles without knowing what they look like. The insects are a mottled black, brown, and yellowish color, and they have a skinny body that’s about an eighth of an inch long. Their antennae are roughly half as long as their bodies, and they have four legs. Larvae are white with gray stripes along with their bodies, while pupae are shaped like ovals or footballs. In addition to seeing beetle infestations in your furniture at home, you might also notice small piles of fine sawdust around your windowsills or attic vents.

How to treat an infestation of carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are tiny, annoying pests that get into everything. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just buying traps and killing them these bugs breed quickly and may become a major problem before you know it. The only real solution is prevention. Follow these tips to make sure your carpets are safe from carpet beetle infestations.

Preventative measures you should take around your home

The best way to fight an infestation is by keeping your home clean. Vacuum carpets, hardwood floors, rugs, and upholstery once a week. Look for items left outside (such as furniture) that may attract pests. Pay special attention to entry points check around windows, door frames, and underneath porches or decks where spiders can easily gain access. Store woodpiles at least 25 feet away from your house and sprinkle cedar chips among them for extra protection against bark bugs. Keep mulch 4-6 inches away from house walls and be sure it’s well-drained of moisture so bugs won’t be able to breed in it. Using vinegar instead of toxic pesticides for control will also help keep insects at bay.

Where Do Carpet Beetles Come From
Where Do Carpet Beetles Come From

Ways To Keep Carpet Beetles Away From Your Home

Preventing infestations with these steps can keep pesky carpet beetles away: 1. Reduce the clutter in your home by tossing clothes and bedding that you no longer use, but that might attract pests. 2. Encourage your pets to stay off of upholstered furniture by treating areas that they like to lie on with a pest spray meant for pets. 3. Stay vigilant about keeping food scraps out of your garbage cans and compost containers, as even dried pet food and small bits of stale bread may be enough to entice them into your home if not disposed of properly. Also, empty containers promptly or buy those labeled insect-proof. 4. Seal cracks around window frames, doors, and floors using caulk or putty so that insects cannot enter through those areas.

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How To Get Rid of These Beetles

Before considering treatment options, homeowners should inspect their carpets for signs of carpet beetles a possible infestation. By removing or treating certain carpets and other objects, you may be able to eliminate your beetle problem. The safest way to determine if you have a beetle problem is by contacting an exterminator. If you believe your home has beetles, contact an exterminator immediately! Not only will they assess your situation but they will also be able to offer additional tips on how you can clean and protect your belongings against further damage.

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