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How To Get Water Out Of Carpet

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How To Get Water Out Of Carpet
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Water damage can ruin carpet quickly and without notice, if it isn’t handled correctly. So it’s important to learn how to get water out of the carpet as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the issue, there are different steps you can take to remove water from the carpet. And they all start with turning off your home’s main water supply valve to cut off the flow of water into your home. Once that’s done, follow the instructions below to begin drying out your carpet.

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How To Remove Water From Carpet

Before you start

Before you get started with removing any kind of stain, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. To find out what substance you have on your hands, use a chemical spot test. If it will react to a spot test and require further action (like bleach), protect yourself by wearing gloves and goggles. Once you know what kind of chemical spill you have, move into these steps.

Put down a towel

After cleaning up a spill, place a towel down on top of it. The towel will mop up any excess moisture. Be sure to change out your towels once they’ve absorbed as much liquid as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up just transferring that moisture around your house. Put down another layer of towels before you walk on them so that you won’t transfer any leftover moisture onto your feet or flooring.

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Blot, Don’t Rub

Most homeowners think that if they want to get a stain out of the carpet. They need to rub it vigorously but that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. When you rub at a wet spot, you push some of it into your carpet and force dirt, bacteria, and chemicals into it too. That can cause stains to spread or create new ones altogether. Instead, blot up excess liquid as soon as possible (you don’t have time for anything else). If you can’t soak up all of it with paper towels right away, leave them on top of an area. where wetness is spreading, or try setting something heavy on top like books or boxes.

Use Damp Paper Towels

Taking moisture from a wet area is a must, and paper towels are inexpensive, versatile, and portable. Place several damp paper towels over an area, then put something heavy on top of it for about half an hour. You can also put crumpled balls of paper towels in your shoes or other high-traffic areas that are prone to collecting moisture. Dampening and allowing them to sit overnight will help draw out any moisture you may have missed otherwise. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. You don’t want to compact wet soil into your carpet fibers, as that will only make it more difficult to dry out.

Flush the Area with Clean Water

Thorough water extraction and drying of your carpets are essential if you want a chance at saving them. Flushing with clean, clear, cool water will get rid of a large majority of any contaminants that may have collected within your carpet fibers. In some cases, flushing alone is sufficient for dry-clean only carpets.

How To Get Water Out Of Carpet

Dry it Out

The first thing you should do when trying to get a stain out of the carpet is use paper towels and absorb as much of it as possible. If you can’t absorb it all, blot up excess moisture with a towel. Next, vacuum up the remaining moisture using your upright vacuum (never use your handheld vacuum or attachment on the carpet). Finally, open a window so that moisture can escape while letting fresh air in. If any of these steps fail to take care of stains, call a professional cleaning service for help. They will likely be able to identify what type of stain you have and how best to clean it.

Tips for rugs & upholstery

The longer a rug is soaked in water, the harder it will be to clean. Be sure your rugs are completely dry before putting them back down. If you have rugs that have already been exposed to too much moisture, use a dehumidifier. The addition of a dehumidifier will also help eliminate mold and mildew growth in your home. If you’re still unsure if a rug can be cleaned or if you want it professionally cleaned. Consider calling an expert like Steam Tech Carpet Cleaning first the sooner they come out and assess it. The better chance you have of getting rid of those stains.

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