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How To Get Fingernail Polish Out Of Carpet

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How To Get Fingernail Polish Out Of Carpet
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Fingernail polish can stain carpets, so if you aren’t careful when applying it, you may find yourself dealing with unsightly nail polish stains on your carpet. Luckily, you can use these 6 tips to remove fingernail polish from carpet and have your carpets looking clean and bright again in no time.

6 Tips for Removing Fingernail Polish from Carpet

1) Check if the polish is still wet

The first thing you want to do is check and see if your fingernail polish stain is still wet. If it’s just fresh and a simple blotting with a white cloth should clean it up. If so, great If not, use warm water. The second thing you want to do is get rid of as much of that polish as possible while there’s still color left in it. Soak a white cloth in warm water, and hold it onto your carpet until most of it comes out. This could take quite a while depending on how long your polish has been there. Don’t worry about having all of the stain out at once removing as much as possible now will make easier.

2) Soak up excess polish with a paper towel

Use a paper towel to dab up as much excess polish as possible. Use acetone to dissolve residue: Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover is ideal, but if you don’t have it on hand, olive oil can work just as well. If you use olive oil, make sure it’s 100% pure because anything else will leave behind an unpleasant odor. We’ve also heard that a very diluted version of Murphy’s Oil Soap will do in a pinch. Scrape off stubborn bits of polish with an old gift card: This works best when there are only small bits of polish stuck in place.

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3) Use hair spray

When you’re on a tight budget, every little bit counts. When it comes to getting fingernail polish out of carpet, you can use hair spray to remove most of it. Spray a small amount on your stain and wait five minutes before wiping it off with a dry cloth. If there are still traces of paint left over, repeat until they’re gone. This method is less effective if your color was too thick or had glitter in it so keep that in mind.

4) Use soap and water

One of the most common ways people mess up their carpets is by attempting to remove stains with chemicals. Not only does carpet tend to be expensive, but also stain removal can easily turn into a chemical spill or have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, it’s best to use soap and water when removing stains (and spills) if possible. For example, nail polish remover is often a safer option than any commercial cleaner you can find at a grocery store or hardware store. That said, do make sure you read labels carefully before using any product; just because something says nontoxic doesn’t mean it is totally safe you should always err on the side of caution when dealing with chemicals.

5) Scrape it off

Most fingernail polish will adhere to carpet and remain there unless you remove it. In many cases, that means you’ll have to scrape it off as opposed to absorbing it into a cotton ball or paper towel. It sounds counterintuitive, but scraping removes more of your nail polish in less time than using a brush or cloth. You can always go back over with another cleaning tool if need be. To do it, use a dull knife or spoon (or even an old toothbrush) to scrape up as much of your polish as possible. If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn stains, sprinkle baby powder on top of your stain before scraping. When you’re done removing polish, simply brush away any residue.

6) Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball

Rubbing alcohol is a quick and easy way to remove nail polish stains. The alcohol will break down the polish, removing it from your carpet quickly. Make sure you blot, not rub, or you’ll end up pushing it further into your carpet. You can also use a toothbrush with some rubbing alcohol on it if you need to scrub out any tough spots in your carpet. Once your stain is gone, make sure to rinse away any excess rubbing alcohol so it doesn’t damage your carpet fibers.

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