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How To Clean Human Urine From Carpet

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How To Clean Human Urine From Carpet
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Cleaning human urine from carpet can be tricky, as it contains uric acid, which can permanently stain the carpet if not removed quickly and thoroughly. But don’t worry, Cleaning human urine from carpet doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, and there are ways to do it quickly, efficiently, and effectively. This article outlines 10 proven techniques for how to clean human urine from carpet that you can try on your own or with help from friends or family members. Particularly helpful if the accident in question was your children’s. Give these methods a try and see how well they work.

10 Ways to Clean Human Urine From Carpet

1) Paper towels, cold water, and hydrogen peroxide

Dab at any remaining urine spots with a paper towel soaked in cold water. Then, dip another paper towel into 3% hydrogen peroxide. Blot up any remaining moisture. You can also use commercial carpet cleaner if you don’t have any hydrogen peroxide on hand. Just be sure that it’s warm, not hot, and keep it away from your pets.

2) Treat the spot with enzymes

As a rule, enzymes are great for breaking down almost anything organic, from grease to blood. Enzymes are produced naturally by living things, so they can break down any type of waste material that was excreted by a human (though they may not work on synthetic materials). This makes them especially useful for cleaning up stains caused by urine, which is mostly made up of water and organic molecules. Apply an enzyme-based carpet cleaner directly onto spots and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before blotting away with a clean towel. Repeat as necessary until you’ve removed all traces of pee. Let your carpet dry thoroughly before standing on it again.

3) Neutralize odors with white vinegar

Vinegar is a natural odor neutralizer that’s also effective at removing traces of urine. Dilute white vinegar with equal parts of water and apply it directly to the carpet. Let it sit for several minutes, then blot up any excess liquid and rinse with clean water. If necessary, repeat until all stains are gone.

4) Use baking soda paste

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent for carpets and gets rid of many different kinds of stains. Simply mix baking soda with warm water until you get a paste-like substance, and then apply it to any urine spots or other stains. Let it sit overnight and then vacuum up in the morning. It’s that easy! Note: Be sure not to use more than one tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water, as too much will dry out your carpet. Also be sure not to leave it on too long, as you can permanently stain your carpet if it sets in for an extended period.

5) Absorb it with kitty litter

Kitty litter is ideal for absorbing human urine. Use a plastic bag to pick up as much of the urine as possible, then sprinkle kitty litter over it. The cat box odor will effectively mask any smells coming from below. Once there are a few inches of litter on top, scoop it out and dispose of it with your other trash. Then vacuum over your carpet thoroughly or better yet, hire a professional carpet cleaner for best results. (Hint: If you’re searching how to clean human urine from carpet in Google, you probably want advice on cleaning pet stains.)

How To Clean Human Urine From Carpet

6) Deep-clean it with dishwashing liquid

This one might sound strange, but trust us this is what professionals use. Mix up a solution of two parts dishwashing liquid with one part water and apply it to stained areas on your carpet with a cloth (don’t rub). Let sit for about 15 minutes, then blot with a clean cloth. If some of your stains are more stubborn than others, repeat until all of them are gone. Blotting is key because rubbing could spread or worsen discoloration in carpet fibers. And don’t worry: Dish soap is typically made without colorings that will stain your carpet! When done, rinse the area thoroughly with warm water.

7) Wash it away with club soda

Our first instinct when we spill a little something is to rub it. This can damage carpet fibers and create an even bigger mess in some cases, particularly if you’ve spilled something sticky like honey or syrup. Use club soda as a cleaning agent instead of detergent, since club soda is non-toxic, odorless, and won’t leave behind any residue. Dab up as much of what you’ve spilled as possible, then pour club soda directly on top of your stain and wait for it to fully absorb into carpet fibers before blotting with a clean towel. Rinse again using clear water to remove all traces of soapy residue from your carpet.

8) Use heat to dry out the stain

Moisture from urine is often what causes carpeting to smell. That’s why, when you see a stain, you must address it as quickly as possible. Drying out urine stains with heat will keep them from seeping back up into your carpet and smelling bad for years to come. Turn on your furnace or use a hairdryer, putting extra focus on any wet spots. Use paper towels or rags soaked in white vinegar: Paper towels are better at absorbing liquid than vacuum bags, so these should be part of every deodorizing cleaning kit. Dip them in distilled white vinegar (not apple cider vinegar), wring them out, and lay them on top of your wet spot while they dry out.

9) Dampen stains before cleaning them up

The key to removing stains is being prepared ahead of time. If you’re caught unaware, it might be too late. When there’s a stain on your carpet that requires immediate attention, dampen it before cleaning. Pour cold water over it and work with a sponge or cloth until most of the moisture is gone. Now, you can easily scrub up what’s left with one of these techniques below.

10) Remove the cause of the accident

If your cat urinating outside of his litter box, then you should check it and make sure that it’s clean, properly maintained, and free from ammonia. Cats are fastidious creatures who don’t like to do their business in a place that smells like urine or feces. After you have made sure your litter box is spotless, remove any potential sources of stress for your cat. Take him to a vet if he is sick, start feeding him better quality food if he is underweight, or give him more attention if he was simply feeling neglected. A fresh-smelling litter box filled with fresh litter will help reduce accidents on floors, but sometimes cats do need extra support to break bad habits.

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