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How To Clean Diarrhea Out Of Carpet

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How To Clean Diarrhea Out Of Carpet
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A nasty case of diarrhea can be one of the most unpleasant and disgusting experiences you’ll ever have. If you have diarrhea and you’re using the bathroom. You don’t have to panic about cleaning it up if you follow these five steps how to clean diarrhea out of the carpet as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

5 Steps How To Clean Diarrhea Out of Carpet

1) Confirm it’s diarrhea

If you notice a dark, tarry substance on your carpet, there’s a chance it’s not diarrhea. However, if it doesn’t smell foul or look foul (it should be solid and brown), then it’s probably really diarrhea. To verify that’s what you’re dealing with make sure someone in your house is experiencing diarrhea or call your local poison control center for advice. If it IS diarrhea, continue with these steps.

2) Use cold water and white vinegar

If you don’t have any carpet-cleaning products handy, white vinegar and cold water are your best bets. The acidity in the vinegar will help neutralize odors, while water helps dilute diarrhea so that it washes away. Using a cloth (or paper towels), blot up as much of what has leaked onto your carpet as possible. Next, pour about a cup of white vinegar over where it’s been spilled and use more if necessary until you can’t smell anything anymore. Pour enough cold water on top so that it mixes with the vinegar, and blot everything dry with a clean towel or cloth.

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3) Scrub with a brush

Using a brush (like a plastic scrub brush), scrub small sections at a time in circular motions until any visible solid matter is gone. Use warm water and plenty of soap. Rinse well with clear water before moving on to your next section. It’s easier if you lift a corner or two of carpet as you go so you can rinse everything out more easily when done. If you are using some sort of cleaning solution, remember that rinsing after is crucial otherwise all those chemicals will dry into your carpet.

If it’s dried on vomit, wait for it to dry completely first (don’t use heat like an oven just let it sit there) then vacuum it up. Otherwise, try not to walk on it unless necessary any weight put onto those areas might force fluids deeper into your carpet. Where they might remain for long periods. Consider getting rid of old carpets too. Whether liquid or drool-based stains, diarrhea and vomit damage every type of fabric over extended periods. Leaving ugly stains that smell bad even after they’ve been cleaned.

How To Clean Diarrhea Out Of Carpet
How To Clean Diarrhea Out Of Carpet

4) Let sit for 30 minutes

While you may feel an urge to clean right away, let your diarrhea sit for 30 minutes. This will give it time to dry, making it easier to scrub off and preventing the further spreading of bacteria. After waiting 30 minutes, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over your carpeting and allow that to sit for at least two hours. The baking soda will absorb some stains, as well as kill off any excess odor caused by your diarrhea incident. When removing remnants from carpet or rugs, remember that detergents are designed for use on water safe surfaces only. Follow all safety precautions on product labels and do not mix with cleaning agents unless directed by the manufacturer.

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5) Rinse thoroughly, dry, and deodorize

This might sound obvious, but when dealing with diarrhea stains, rinsing thoroughly is crucial. The most important step in cleaning out diarrhea from carpet is to rinse your carpet as soon as possible after it has happened. After you have done that, use a fan or dehumidifier to dry it and keep it dry until you can deodorize and clean it properly.

Deodorizing your carpet on top of drying will prevent new smells. From developing during drying and help remove any bacteria or germs that could be lingering on your carpet’s fibers. Since doing laundry doesn’t always do much good (as it often lacks soap), go for an air freshener instead.

Do note, however, that detergents may work better than air fresheners for actual cleaning. If you’re trying to make sure your carpet doesn’t smell like an awful mess again ever clean up quickly before leaving the house and get someone else to deal with accidents if at all possible. If not, grab a large plastic bag lined with newspaper so you can throw up in another room should throwing up happen elsewhere.

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