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How to Clean Broken Glass from Carpet

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How to Clean Broken Glass from Carpet
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How to clean broken glass from carpet. It’s important to handle the broken glass carefully and appropriately. Without the right cleanup tools, you could end up with glass shards scattered throughout your carpet. Leading to cuts and scrapes on your hands and feet as you walk around your home. With the right tools, however, it’s possible to clear away the broken glass without danger or injury. Allowing you to move freely through your home without fear of stepping on any errant pieces of broken glass from carpet that may have been left behind.

How to Clean Broken Glass from Your Carpet

Step 1 – Identify the glass in your carpet

Can’t see any visible glass fibers after your initial sweep-up and blotting it may just be embedded in your carpet and isn’t worth your time or effort. This step is easy if you’ve tried a few methods of removal already, but might not be so simple if there are no visible signs that you’re dealing with broken glass. There are two ways to determine if a speck in your carpet is indeed a piece of glass: 1) Use an ultraviolet light (these are available at hardware stores) and check for fluorescence or 2) Examine it under magnification.

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Step 2 – Remove Glue and Excess Tissue

Vacuum up as much excess glass, carpet and glue as possible. This will prevent pieces of glass or carpet from being embedded in later steps. If you have a small vacuum with a beater bar, turn it on and use it on your carpet, continuing until all of those pesky little pieces are gone. Be sure to clean out your vacuum after doing so because some pieces may end up getting caught in it. If there is too much glass on your carpet for you to remove by hand. You’ll need a large bristle brush like you would use on your deck or stairs. Use long sweeping motions over top of everything until it’s removed and then vacuum again afterwards so that nothing gets stuck in any fibers.

Step 3 – Vacuum Up Remaining Glass

Take your small vacuum cleaner, place a piece of plastic over it, and vacuum up any remaining glass. If there is still glass left, you will need to use gloves. Do not touch any leftover glass with your bare hands. Small remnants of glass can easily become embedded in your skin, causing infection or irritation. Once you are sure that all of the broken glass has been removed from your carpet, proceed to Step 4.

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Step 4 – Spray with stain remover solution

Using a spray bottle, lightly cover an area of carpet that’s about 5 around where you found glass. Don’t over-spray as you don’t want to saturate your carpet. Let sit for 10 minutes, then blot up with paper towels or another cloth. Reapply more stain remover and leave for another 10 minutes before blotting again. Repeat until no more stain remover comes off on paper towels (sometimes there is a cycle of re-wetting followed by drying). Blot one last time, making sure no residual moisture remains. Let dry completely before stepping on it or sitting on it.

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