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How Long Does Carpet Last

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How Long Does Carpet Last
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Everyone wants to know how long does carpet last, but there isn’t an answer that applies to everyone. This article will help you estimate the lifespan of your carpet based on different factors that affect its lifespan as well. Help you prevent early aging by taking care of your carpet properly. Check out this article to learn more about how long does carpet last and what you can do to prolong its life.

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Average lifespan by brands

What do you do when you finally realize your carpet is worn out and it’s time to replace it. This can be a big dilemma for homeowners, and many are confused about how long carpeting should last. We reached out to several leading carpet manufacturers who provide consumer advice via their websites, and most say there is no set life expectancy for their products. Instead, they offer a rough range of years based on usage.

Things that shorten the life of your carpet

High foot traffic, kids and pets, spills, and stains. And don’t forget to account for when family members come to visit: bringing dirt, grime, and kids who are bound to be on their best behavior. While they’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house but haven’t quite grasped that same courtesy applies back home yet. While there are many things we can do to prolong the carpet life span, it’s an inevitable truth that eventually carpet will need replacing. When that time comes, we have a few tips to help you make a smart decision about what type of new carpet is right for your space. Hopefully, it means more time before you need another replacement.

Areas of your home will wear out first

It is normal for there to be some wear and tear in certain parts of your home. But there are areas where carpet wears out more quickly than others. For example, most people will experience heavier wear on high-traffic areas like hallways, stairs, and entrances to rooms. Likewise, heavily-used furniture like sofas and chairs tend to rub against carpet over time. These are both examples of natural wear and tear, which will likely happen with even one or two pets. If you have young children in your home or many pets that run around during playtime (or anytime), keeping an eye on their activity levels can help determine when your carpet may need some repairs.

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Things you can do to extend the life of your new flooring

Get pets microchipped. It’s no secret that dogs and cats can be a huge stain on new carpet. It’s not just because they like to run through puddles, either it has to do with their fur getting sucked up into your vacuum cleaner’s brush. Which then deposits it back on your freshly cleaned carpets when you use it. Fortunately, if you have your pet microchipped, there are special tools that animal shelters use that allow them to read a microchip in an animal’s body and safely remove most of the fur from inside of its mouth. This is incredibly effective at removing most animal fur off of carpets before being sucked up by your vacuum cleaner.

How often you should replace it

Carpets are a big investment, and you’ll want to get as much life out of yours as possible. We recommend replacing the carpet every eight years or so. While it may seem like an arbitrary number, think about it. You live in your home for around 30 years, right. Now think about when you last updated your furniture at least once during that period. It’s almost inevitable that something will change with your design preferences or lifestyle over that time. If the carpet is a big part of how you define your home’s look and feel, there might be a good chance you need to swap it out even before eight years is up.

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